IPTV Billing Module/ Panel for MultiCs Nulled

A fully automated IPTV Billing Panel for Multics Nulled that allows you to sell your service online automatically. It manages your users, their invoices, and orders as well.
It has in-built reseller & super reseller panel.
Key Features are

1. Create Line Automatically – 
When a user buys a service and pays the invoice, it will create a line automatically in your Multics Panel. No need to add your users/ customers manually

2. Disable Line automatically – 
When a user doesn’t pay the invoice on time, it will disable them automatically.

3. Re-enable Line –
If user pay the unpaid/overdue invoice, it will re-activate the line again

4. Terminate line – 
If user not paying the invoice and don’t want to continue then it will terminate the line automatically.
Apart from that, it has a lot of features like Ticket System, Product Management, Order Managment, Reseller System.
Reseller can add line under their account
Super reseller can add reseller and lines under their account.

IPTV Billing Module/ Panel for MultiCs Nulled

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