Dedicated Server Manager NOC-PS for WHMCS Nulled v2.3.0

With Dedicated Server Manager NOC-PS for WHMCS Nulled your customers can manage dedicated servers and VPS using the NOC-PS server provisioning system. The module provides hassle-free management of servers for hosters and customers. This module can auto setup new orders. The assignment of dedicated servers can be made dependent on the WHMCS configurable options. You need to have a NOC-PS installation to use the module.

Watch the demo video

This Video shows the management at the client area. A simple yet comprehensive administration interface makes it easy for your customers to manage their servers. Of course it is possible that you edit the client area for your needs using the tpl file.

New: IPMI and KVM Proxy

If you are running IPMI and KVM behind private IPs, customers can access them only through a VPN or similar. With our new proxy feature customers can access IPMI and KVM over the public Internet – directly from the client area – even though the services are located on the private network.

The security benefits of private IPs persist. Access is limited to the customer. The customer does not need to install additional software for access.

VPS Support

VPS can be automatically created. With our “IP Manager” you have full control which IPs get assigned to new orders. The IP Manager also allows you to reserve IPs, make comments to IPs for better tracking and see which IPs are currently assigned.

Auto Provisioning for Dedicated Servers

Now you can deliver dedicated server instantly. Using our Server Manager you can drag & drop your servers into the related product. Do you worry about configurable options? You don’t have to, you can continue using configurable options to let your clients choose about RAM, HDD size and others. At our server manager you can exactly define which conditions must be meet to deliver this server.

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What’s new in Dedicated Server Manager NOC-PS for WHMCS Nulled v2.3.0

  • Info: No template changes
  • Feature: Support for multiple IPMI/KVM Proxies
  • Feature: VPS: Set amount of CPU, RAM, Diskspace and IP-addresses via configurable option
  • Feature: Bandwidth data collection function for developers
  • Improvement: Added update resistant way to customize power status detection strings
  • Bugfix: Under certain circumstances the loading time of the IP Manager was slow. This has been fixed.

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