WS Credit Manager For WHMCS Nulled v2.0.0

With this module, WS Credit Manager For WHMCS Nulled, the client can see the balance in the client area as the option — it is not implemented by default six templates. If there is a credit then the client sees it; if there is no credit then you will not see Credit Balance section but admin can enable/disable this if they like.. The credit will automatically be removed within x month if it is not used. Also, allows you to credit your customer with a credit-worth bonus.



  • Admin Area: Add the x month they like to have
  • Admin Area: Disable expire to individual client
  • Admin Area: When admin add credit to that client it shows the date that it expires
  • Client area: Home panel displays the client’s credit with their expiration date
  • If credit expires, a note will be added to the client’s account with the removed credit amount and date
  • When setting months to 0 all newly added credits will not expire
  • When new credit is added, a not will be added showing the new expiry date
  • Daily cron job checking
  • Supports WHMCS Blend and V4 Template
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Client get an email when the credit balance is about to expiration (NEW)
  • Admin Area: Can give a bonus to a client that adds fund (NEW)
  • Admin Area: Can edit the email template (NEW)

AtoZnull Feature:

  • Onetime Payment
  • Free Update
  • Free Live Support

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