WGS Cloudflare WHMCS Module Nulled v5.0.0

CloudFlare WHMCS module Nulled is an amazing module which allows CloudFlare users to add and manage the website of their clients via WHMCS. It is for all CloudFlare users who have an account on CloudFlare (Free, Pro, Business, Enterprise). It provides a great feature of adding websites automatically to CloudFlare account from WHMCS. Once any online website added to CloudFlare, it protects and accelerates website.

How WGS CloudFlare Module Nulled Helps Website Hosting Providers?

  1. Provides an option to resell the Cloudflare services as product add on.
  2. It allows your clients to upgrade or downgrade Cloudflare plans from the client area itself.
  3. When your client purchased Cloudflare service from your website, our module automatically creates a Cloudflare account of that customer and add the domain entered.
  4. Our module automatically updates the nameservers of your client domain on domain registrar with the nameservers provided by Cloudflare.
  5. The module provides a friendly User Interface that allows your customers to easily manage the DNS records, DNSSEC from the client area itself.
  6. Your clients can manage all the Cloudflare settings in their client area, without any need to go on the Cloudflare website to manage.

Things your clients can manage are:

  • Cloudflare Analytics
  • DNS Settings
  • Crypto Settings
  • Cloudflare Firewall Settings
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Website Caching Settings
  • Scrap Shield Settings
  • Plan Upgrade and Downgrade
  • Can update the IP address of the website

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