WHMCS Modules

WS Auto Accept Orders Nulled v1.0.1

Auto Accept Orders Nulled

This module will auto accept orders that is free only. There is no need to manually accept them anymore! No more “Pending” orders …. Feature: Multi-Language Supports WHMCS Blend and V4 Template Activate Product is Free Show this group data on invoices It can automatically accept Pending Orders that is …

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WS SMS Manager Nulled v7.1.0

WS SMS Manager for WHMCS Nulled is an advanced SMS System which offers you the ability to automatically send SMS Messages to your clients on certain events (such as SMS for client login, SMS for a new invoice, SMS for overdue invoice, etc.). This system also gives you the ability …

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Google Cloud Virtual Machines For WHMCS Nulled v1.0.1

Google Cloud Virtual Machines For WHMCS Nulled

Google Cloud Virtual Machines For WHMCS Nulled is a handy module developed to fulfill the demand for a tool allowing to fully automate the Google Cloud instances provisioning as well as their careful supervision without even leaving your website. Your customers will surely appreciate being able to preview and control the …

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Name.com Registrar For WHMCS Nulled v1.2.2

Name.com Registrar For WHMCS Nulled

Name.com Registrar For WHMCS Nulled is aimed to automate the provisioning of assorted TLDs straight through your WHMCS. The module will also enable your customers to manage several key components of their domains without leaving your client area. Apart from the most essential features, allowing you to fully automate the whole …

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Server Allocator For WHMCS Nulled v1.1.5

Server Allocator For WHMCS

Server Allocator For WHMCS Nulled will automatically match the most suitable servers to your clients’ products when placing orders in your system. The module will let you create and configure your own switching rules, split them into groups, and assign servers and product groups to them. Each rule is based on …

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Freshdesk For WHMCS Nulled v1.3.2

Freshdesk For WHMCS

Freshdesk For WHMCS Nulled is a neat module destined to enable advanced handling of support tickets by close integration built between your WHMCS and Freshdesk. Upon this favorable combination your audience will be no longer required to leave your WHMCS client area in order to benefit from assorted support instruments brought …

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Password Manager For WHMCS Nulled v2.2.9

Password Manager For WHMCS

Password Manager For WHMCS Nulled is a module of incalculable value that will enable you and your clients to store, manage and share passwords in a highly convenient yet perfectly secure manner. Owing to a well-thought concept, clear interface and considerable flexibility of the module, you will easily decide who should …

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Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS Nulled v2.1.6

Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS

Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS Nulled is targeted at allowing you the freedom to impose an additional fee or set up a discount to be applied for the usage of a particular payment gateway. Having the possibility to not only select the products, addons and TLDs that shall be offered with …

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DirectAdmin Extended For WHMCS Nulled v3.4.1

DirectAdmin Extended For WHMCS

DirectAdmin Extended For WHMCS Nulled introduces automation into provisioning of web hosting accounts and enables their fully remote management at the same time. Your customers will be spared the hassle of leaving your website, as every most commonly used DirectAdmin feature will be accessible in the WHMCS client area. DirectAdmin …

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SMS Center For WHMCS Nulled v3.6.1

SMS Center For WHMCS

SMS Center For WHMCS Nulled has been designed to let you send text messages to both your clients and staff members right from within your WHMCS. The module features support for 21 SMS gateways, including the world’s favorite Twilio, Clickatell and fastsms. With it, you will be allowed to verify new …

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